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A website lifecycle goes through many phases. One of them is maintenance. Whenever a website owner feels that the website needs a redesign it goes through an upgrade. Sometimes that website also goes down when the website goes for scheduled maintenance. If the user comes to your website and it does not open you get a bad impression. Therefore, you need a website under maintenance html template or a website coming soon template. I mentioned HTML because it is fast. There is no better option if you can get a free html template for this purpose. Our free templates will help you achieve this.

website is undergoing scheduled maintenance, html template

Benefits of using HTML Template

HTML is good for loading a website faster. Increasing website speed also helps to increase website ranking. In addition, most websites use html codes irrespective of technology. HTML is faster than all other technologies. Therefore, when you want to increase website speed, use an html template. But here we are talking about schedule maintenance html template. A scheduled maintenance means that the website is down. As a result it will be not available for website visitors. Our website has plenty of free html themes available for public use. Additionally, you can also download free bootstrap themes. At we also make sure that you get the best website templates free of cost.

What is Special about this free Website Under Maintenance template

First of all you do not need to pay anything. You can download HTML templates free from Additionally, this free website under maintenance html template allows unlimited usage. We also have a website under construction template in case you need that. With all these benefits you do not have to worry about the copyright issues also. This is because we offer copyright free html templates.

Single Page Website Under Maintenance Template

This Free HTML Maintenance Template comes with a simple design. Website Under maintenance html templates are important when you are going through an upgrade. The html template is available without any restrictions. You can also download free bootstrap templates. In addition, this free html website under maintenance template is very basic and does not require technical skills for activation.

Download Includes

When you click on the download button, you will get these in zip format. You are free to make changes if needed or use it as per your requirement.

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There is no copyright claim from our side. This is one of our copyright free HTML templates. We allow our users to use templates for an unlimited duration. You can also download other free bootstrap templates from this website absolutely free of cost.

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