Exit Policy of a Company Free Sample

Employee exit policy is an important document for employers and employees. Therefore, it is important to create a company policy sample in a professional way. This policy takes care of all important parts of employee separation from the company.

Standard employee exit policy sample of a company

Some of the most common parts of this policy include the list below.

Resignation Process is the first step in Exit Policy

This includes a step by step resignation process. As a result, most employees follow the same system. In some situations policy drafts can also be different for various departments.

Employee termination policy

In which conditions a company can terminate an employee. This also includes how much compensation the company gives in case of termination.

Notice Period Terms

This talks about terms like how long an employee has to work after official resignation.

Exit formalities

Exit policy of a company also include the list of exit formalities. Sometimes companies issue assets like phones and laptops to the employees. This normally happens in hiring sales executives and IT employees. Therefore, companies also ensure that the employee takes clearance from all the departments.

Exit Policy Format Includes

First of all, you can view this free exit policy document in PDF. Other than pdf, you can also download this policy format in Word format. Same as our free website templates, you can also modify any of our business documents. Letter of offer for a job is an important document if you are running a business. You can make changes to this business document as per your business requirement. Additionally, you can also copy and paste this form in an email and send this to the employee.

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